36981 - Data of Skopje

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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It doesn’t suffice for us to say that a quarter of the population of Skopje is of Albanian origin to understand the local data. Because this minority, doesn’t exist in the entire territory of Skopje, but in the specific region of the northwest namely beside Kosovo and Albania. This becomes directly and immediately understood when we speak about the map which Greater Albania claims based on the ethnological data of the region while at the same time it forgets that which concerns the greek population of North Epirus. Also if we examine the religion maps it is understood how hardcore Kosovo is and this explains the facts that Serbia and Montenegro lived through. If we don’t forget where the facts took place in 2001 namely in the regions Aračinovo, Tanuševci, Matejče, Vaksince, Slupčane which are near the capital of Skopje then it is understood that there are strong analogies. This practically means that when we present the data of Skopje as one and unique entity which is unified we create a geopolitical illusion which doesn’t represent the reality of the region. Consequently we must realize that a name which doesn’t represent all the minorities not only will not have the success which some ignorants on the subject take for granted, but will create internal reactions which will lead to autonomy, secession or independence but in any case no stability in the region which will become even more problematic both for the European Union and NATO.