37040 - For all those who forgot the prayer

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It is of late fashionable that we swear at even the prayer disregarding its value and its importance. Of course, this fashion phenomenon occurs when there is no actual need, and everyone feels that they are doing fine ideologically carrying on, since they’ve forgotten even the Righteous. So the impression is given that the prayer is worthless, whereas history shows us that the prayer has even become a symbol of resistance in many parts of the world where Christianity was not, and is not always free. Those who are supporters of barbaric ideologies, such as those who tortured people in Nazi Germany, in the Soviet Union, in Maoist China, and in Kemal’s Turkey, couln’t contemplate what the use of prayer could be, even though they could learn about it through the survivors of the genocides. Even now in Greece in regards to the Skopian issue, many are asking us if it makes any sense to believe in a solution which respects our history, and we answer that: our battle is only at the beginning, and when they hear an entire nation chant : Our Father, then they will understand what the power of the prayer is ? This simply means for you to continue to believe, even if they have forced you to step upon His icon. Because He is always with us, and even more so when things get more difficult. It’s in that case by the way that most people acknowledge Him