37361 - The Mayor of Skopje

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The Mayor of Skopje has given history lessons even to some Greeks who after so many years remain ignorant of history.
He clearly stated that Alexander the Great has nothing in common with the history of Skopje.
He spoken about the artificial history which was created by Skopje’s propaganda in recent years.
He additionally stated that the political management and utilization by extreme elements not only didn’t help to come up with any solution, but on the contrary it merely created problems and in fact artificial ones.
In actual fact, the Skopian Mayor has the opportunity to express himself freely now, firstly because he has observed the two historic Rallies of Thessaloniki and Athens, and secondly, he realizes that the point of view of the majority in Skopje was altered because they all now know that we are not about to accept the unacceptable in regards to the usage of the term Macedonia.
Therefore, the prospects for Skopje’s accession to the European Union and NATO don’t in fact exist if Greece doesn’t want it to.
The Skopian Mayor’s statement wouldn’t have been possible without all these changes which took place, and certainly not without the resistance of the Greek nation.
Because the statements of the governmental circles of Greece wouldn’t have allowed for that context of expression.
Only now do we have the ability to hear the truth from the Skopian side.