37378 - The Greeks of Melbourne

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As inconceivable as it may seem to the Greeks in Greece, the Greeks of Melbourne really care about Greece and every problem it faces hurts them because they know it’s a small country which struggles in order to survive in an environment that’s unfriendly to say the least, due to the absurd claims of our neighbours.
This is applicable to both Turkey and its actions in the Aegean, as well as to Skopje, which is trying to exploit part of our history for their advantage.
The Greeks of Melbourne of course, are watching over both the Cypriot and the Pontian issues.
We had the opportunity to personally experience it due to the conferences which took place on account of the events eventuating from current affairs.
All of this data also explains the organizing of the Rally on the 25th of February for the protection of the name of Macedonia.
On the same day, something similar is to take place in Stockholm, Sweden.
Those actions are anything but random.
And we ought to imagine that we have never given the right to these Greeks to elect delegates eventhough we are aware of how much importance they give to the national issues which Greece faces.
Of course we always remember them when there is an economic need, considering that their help is to be taken for granted.
Now however, due to the dimensions that some issues have resulted to, and especially the Skopian issue, the Greeks of Melbourne are taking the lead with all the forces for the justification of Hellenism.
And their fighting spirit, eventhough they are far away from their motherland proves once again the strength of their love.