37405 - From security to protection

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

Many give attention to security due to an ideological approach, but when they discover the human one they understand that in reality the essence is the protection of the innocents. Because security is given to those who have the capability to demand it, while protection is provided to those who cannot request anything. Security goes with the strong, protection with the weak and for this reason this human approach needs strategy, because only that will be capable to overturn a relation of power which is based on a hierarchical structure. In order for innocents not to become victims they must be protected and this protection is necessarily strategic in order to resist to attacks of barbarity. So the role of a team which protects humans is not only their security. It must also think in a more holistic manner the human framework of Mankind, so that it catches up to barbarity. Each human deserves to be protected. And he doesn’t ask for the security which will prevent him to live free. Because even if he is in danger he will always want for his life to be free otherwise there will be no meaning. This meaning of the exposed life is that which demands protection at the point where security doesn’t suffice. So protection is the strategy of Mankind for the innocents.