37425 - Defeatism and misinformation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Defeatism and misinformation constitute genuine obstacles for the morale of the Cypriots.
Consequently, while all Cypriots should’ve been joyous with the spectacular results regarding the Calypso reserve, which is almost double than the Aphrodite reserve, we have the majority wondering whether it is, or whether is not an important discovery.
And that occurs eventhough they are aware that the Calypso reserve responds to the requirements and the characteristics of the Zohr reserve in the Egyptian EEZ.
Additionally, all the misinformation in regards to the notion of the NAVTEX in relation to the fundamental concept of the EEZ doesn’t allow Cypriots to deal effectively and rationally with the usage of a NAVTEX at an EEZ level.
Many forget that it’s regarding an EEZ and not an EZ, and that we are in international waters, and that every country has the right to issue a NAVTEX or a NOTAM, merely because they haven’t read how the Law of the Sea functions.
Consequently, if we don’t obtain knowledge, we’ll be pulled along by the systems which cover up their mistakes with the excuse that the enemy is to be blamed for everything and no one else.
Therefore, we are doomed to listen to the official propaganda without being able to resist, because we don’t read the fundamental texts which protect us.