37432 - Journalists of defeatism

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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With the journalists of defeatism even good results are problematic, because all they want to promote is that Turkey has the upper hand, and nothing can stand in her way, whatever Greece and Cyprus may do about it. 
In actual fact, all they opt for, is the corroboration of their destructive scenarios as if their salary depends upon the outcomes and not the percentages.
The issue here is their defeatism, because they have never learned to resist barbarism and that they prefer to act as its instrument.
Over the years we have learned all about them, and we became aware of what they are trying to promote, we have seen them in the case of the Annan Plan, the accession to the European Union, the joining of the Eurozone, the signing of the EEZ demarcations, the establishment of the EEZ, the drilling in the Aphrodite reserve, the Licensing rounds, the Skopian issue, the Calypso reserve. 
However, in the long run, we can see that they are not right, and that Hellenism finally succeeds, its problems aside, because the memory of the future doesn’t stop with the propaganda of an ideology which believes in nothing furtheron than the political party.
Of course they forget that Hellenism is not a political party, and that it’s capable in changing national issues when it decides to take action.
For that reason we’ll overcome the journalists of defeatism without any problems and or problematizations.