37473 - Unacceptable government moves

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Now the Prime Minister can’t insist any longer that he is unaware of the work prepared by the Foreign Ministry experts. And is as a consequence the phase of choice which comes right after the Rallies in : Thessaloniki, Athens, Düsseldorf, Melbourne and Stockholm. Because we’re all aware of what the will of Hellenism is and not merely that of Greece. No one wants the unacceptable use of the term Macedonia for Skopje, and so the Prime Minister will choose whether or not he’ll support the Foreign Minister with his unreasonable moves and his ridiculous statements, at the risk of political cost against the government itself, because he’ll take into account the influence of Hellenism at a global level. With the magnitude that the Rallies have gained as an expression of the Greek nation, no politician whatsoever could ignore them. Even the Church of Greece took them into account in a rational maner. Consequently it has given an example of coordination and change. At this crucial point, the foundation of a free and independent committee for the struggle re: the protection of Macedonia constitutes a ramification at a strategic level. No one can insist that he hasn’t learned that the Greek nation will fight to the end until the justification. Therefore, the unacceptable government moves should stop, because there is at this point of time a context for genuine political cost. If the government doesn’t result into corrective actions, it will be swept away by the cost caused by the Foreign Minister. He should therefore take it into account, because Hellenism has already decided what its position will be between Macedonia and the government, if such a choice has to be made.