37474 - Exclusively regarding the Skopian issue

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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All those who aim to distract us from the Skopian issue with various scandals or episodes, result to a strategic mistake. Because Hellenism has already decided what the dominant issue of this period would be. And the distraction movements at the current affairs level wouldn’t change anything at all. Because at this stage Hellenism is focused exclusively on the Skopian issue. Everyone has understood by now, what are the side effects caused by it, and what appetites have been created to other countries with common borders with us. If we can not resolve the Skopian issue with dignity, then how do we want to be credible regarding other crises? Skopje is a small country, with a small population, without access to the sea and therefore without an EEZ. Additionally it’s not part of NATO or the European Union, and it hasn’t yet opened a single chapter of the 35 which the accession process requires. Consequently, all these data are evidence that Skopje don’t have a great potential and certainly has fewer opportunities than Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In actual fact, the managment of a crisis which doesn’t obtain high standards, is indicative of the disadvantages due to lack of strategy. And if we can’t keep our head above water with a country which, due to ideological entrapment, didn’t in fact have any strong alliances, then, how could we deal with those which obtain both power and alliances? Quite the contrary, we ought to utilize all NATO legislation and the European Union acquis in order to overcome the Skopian impediment effectively and strategically, without wasting any time upon other artificially emerging issues.