37555 - The EEZ in one thing and an AZ another

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The Exclusive Economic Zone is not an Exclusive Zone. The EEZ is about sovereign rights, whereas the analogue of the AZ is of course about the National Territorial Waters. The EEZ is regarding the economic matter exclusively, and it can’t inconvenience, and or prohibit any military exercise. Consequently each country can issue a NAVTEX without any problems as long as it respects those which already exist prior. And every country which wishes to avoid a NAVTEX zone, ought to declare its own prior. Whereas in the case of National Territorial Waters, there is no need for a NAVTEX since they constitute the exclusive zone of a State and no one else can legally enter it. Therefore, up to 12 NM each State manages its own zone, and thereon, with the 188 NM of the EEZ, from 12 NM to 200 NM, there is the status of the EEZ, where each State could issue a NAVTEX for scientific, technical, or even military exercises even if it is not its own EEZ, as long as these actions are not constituting an economic activity, otherwise, they ought to obtain a permit from the State to which the EEZ belongs to. The context is utterly clear and the rules are the same for all. Those who are aware of them are not problematized but play on strategically.