37596 - Turkey’s provocations have only the worth we give them

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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In Turkey, the tool of propaganda belongs officially to its politics, and it’s used at all levels of that State for problem management, because what matters to Turkish institutions is that they come across as if they are solving problems, regardless of the fact that they are incapable of solving them in actual fact, and we all aware of the example of the Kurdish issue. For the Turkish state, the Kurds are to be blamed for everything, since it considers them spies and terrorists and it accuses their political party in parliament of being the official façade of the PKK. It’s in precisely the same manner that it handles other issues as well, such as the Armenian Genocide, because the Armenians are also quite active in their own way in the region. Consequently it is completely expected for them to opt in exaggerating their so-called arguments regarding both Cyprus and the Aegean. If however we pay attention to this propaganda, we fall straight into her trap, even though it’s merely a product of amateurism. Turkey doesn’t follow International Law and it hasn’t even signed the Law of the Sea, therefore it’s aware of exactly where her limits are situated. She has distanced herself from the United States even though she is within NATO, and has diverged from the European Union, and her candidacy for membership has frozen in actual fact. She uses techniques of a past era in order to make sure that she reaches out even to the most retarded voter, only that they are not effective in cases of democratic countries, therefore we shouldn’t emphasize upon her argumentations, because it’s neither strategic nor rational.