37625 - The energy future of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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We have signed a contract for the maritime block 2 with the consortium Total – Edison – Hellenic Petroleum and we are preparing two more with the consortia Repsol-Hellenic Petroleum and ExxonMobil – Total – Hellenic Petroleum for the maritime areas Ionian sea for the first and West and Southwest Crete for the second. We will have agreements with the USA, France, Italy and Spain, countries that all are in direct relation with NATO and the European Union, something which proves that we accept no pressure for any subject and especially for the Skopje question by these hyperstructures. Also this means on a practical level that Greece now, through its EEZ, has a specific prospective not only for development but also for recovery. They may be rare those who believed in this strategy which belongs to the great strategy of Greece but now there will be even more of those who will be with us and they will see through what waste of time we went through, only due to partisanism and micropolitics. So it is important now to prepare for these new circumstances and to be in a phase of preparation for the final contracts since they will create new employment positions but also the gains for Greece and the regions where the deposits are. The future of Greece has begun, with all gravity of this word and it would be good for the Greeks to realize it since it will be our history.