37703 - The issuing of a NAVTEX

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Because we have yet again publications regarding NAVTEX issuing, in conjunction with the EEZ issue, and the alleged provocations of the neighbours, a NAVTEX is issued in international territorial waters which don’t belong to anyone because they don’t constitute an exclusive zone, as in the case of national territorial waters. Up to 200 NM from the shores the demarcation of an established EEZ may occur, and then the State which has established it has sovereign rights over it. The EEZ however concerns merely the economic activity within it. Consequently, any other country or even the initial one itself may issue a NAVTEX. Those therefore can’t be considered illegal because they simply are not. The entire issue thereon regards the issuing dates, and the non-overlapping of a NAVTEX. All this context has been well known in Greece where we haven’t established our EEZ, but it’s less known in Cyprus where an EEZ exists ever since 2004 thanks to Tassos Papadopoulos. Therefore, when we are reading new data re: NAVTEX’s irrespectively of the EEZ, we ought to examine the dates of issue, the duration, as well as the co-ordinates in order to avoid possible overlapping. The existence of the EEZ is completely independent of NAVTEX issuing. Now that we have the entire context, the game is quite simple. And we can easily decode the Turkish propaganda.
Turkey sends the message across that its military exercises obstruct the energean economic activities in Cyprus. As a matter of fact he same is applicable to the journalists from Greece’s side, who act likewise in the name of selling their issue. In actual fact, Turkey follows the process and utilizes the context just in order to say that she’s actually doing something in the region.Whereas, with one NAVTEX she can’t do anything at all to bother another. Consequently the entire game is merely a communicative one, in order to gain the impressions up to the point she’s able to, and nothing more.