37736 - The New York Rally

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The message of the New York Rally is quite simple and straightforward: Hellenism’s battle for Macedonia continues on even before the Organization of the United Nations.
This means that it is not restricted within geographic Greece.
New York continues through the course of Melbourne, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, and Stockholm, right after the historic Rallies of Thessaloniki and Athens.
Nothing, and no propaganda of the Foreign Ministry and other governmental cycles was able to stop this strategy.
The Greek nation has no fear of any political context and it isn’t influenced by ideological schemes of a past era, which haven’t managed to dogmatically pass across through to the Greek field.
Consequently, the ongoing battle abroad internationalises the positions of the Greek nation, and it points out in a definite manner through to all the institutions and especially to the UN, that the positions of the Foreign Ministry don’t represent the nation.
As a result, the propaganda of the Foreign Ministry is in an increasingly difficult position, as it becomes obvious that it follows a path which is in fact irelevant with Greece.
Because it’s obvious to foreign countries that the Greek nation is expressed everywhere through rallies and it reaches strategic goals which the Foreign Ministry couldn’t in actual fact reach, as it’s unreliability is evident.
The fact that the Greek Americans were activated so dynamically as well during this battle, which they’ve directly or indirectly supported from the beginning, without ever kneeling down, is indicative of a dynamism which constantly changes the data while the governmental cycles were initially telling us that they are predetermined.
Whereas now, abroad as well, more and more countries recognize Greece’s position only through the Greek nation, and they are preparing for the continuity following the negotiations which as from the start were leading up to a dead end.
New York points out to the future which is incomprehensible to the Foreign Ministry.