38105 - Religious and strategic differences

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

Most Christians have the impression that all Muslims are the same. But this is an enormous error which has strategic consequences. This mix has no meaning in the depth of time but neither in the present. If we don’t see the differences between sunnies and shiites how can we understand what the heretic wahhabites mean. In any case the distinction is necessary not between the traditional differences but with regards to the activity and the respect to other religions. We cannot accept a religion which wants to exterminate all the others because it considers that it holds the only truth. We cannot accept a religion which doesn’t respect women. And we see the difference also with Kurdistan where the women are fighters in the same level with men at all stages of this people’s liberation. So how could we not see the difference? For this reason, what matters is the respect towards this difference. Because we have to realize that there is a cultural war within the muslim framework and we have to take a just stance there also to protect the innocents whatever their religion is. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense saying that we belong to Humanity and that we believe. Because our love cannot be limited only to our own people. For the Righteous, their own people is the entire Humanity and not some neighborhood.