38328 - ENI’s determination

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

ENI knows how to overcome obstacles as difficult and powerful as they may seem to those who aren’t aware of what competency is. ENI manages six of the 13 marine blocks issued by Cyprus, and more specifically the blocks 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 and 11 in a consortium with Kogas and Total. It was never contemplating to abandon something for which it had invested on, at both energean and strategic levels. Therefore, all those defeatists ought to examine the statements made by her own president in regards to Marine block 3 as well. Because there, ENI expects even greater results than those at the reserve Calypso which is twice the size of the Aphrodite reserve discovered by Noble. For that reason, in order for some not to be exposed with their own statements, which were made on no strategic grounds, they ought to focus upon the substance of the matter. ENI is an Italian oil company. Italy belongs to NATO ever since 1949, ie, since its foundation, to the European Union since 1957, ie, since it was founded, to the G7 ever since 1976, when G6 was named that, as Canada entered it, and to which Italy was already a member. Let us bare these elements in mind, and let us choose our alliances at a strategic level. It is also good to remember that ENI has not only withstood Turkey’s aggressive approaches from the beginning, when the later was trying to prevent it from being a candidate in the Cypriot hydrocarbon licensing round, without of course any results. As far as ENI is concerned, Cyprus is not merely a region where natural gas sources exist, it also constitutes a passage zone for the EastMed pipeline, a fact which means that it plays a central role due to the interconnections with Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. We ought to therefore think in its totality the fact about ENI’s approach as a company which has interests and not merely its relationship with Cyprus. Consequently, its motives are much more powerful than a simple agreement concerning some marine blocks. Of course, all of these are totally incomprehensible to those who dwell in defeatism, and aren’t aware of what the energean strategy of the future is all about. It is therefore wise to listen to the sources and not to everybody’s interpretations in regards to these national issues.