38446 - The waltz of the eons

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The waltz of the eons hid its rhythm from societies. Somebody had to listen to it in depth of time in order to comprehend the composer’s hidden code. The Ison however traversed through the years in order to support the choir which was struggling for the freedom of Humanity. The score was searching for the forbidden wings ever since the first meters, beyond the mirror of the next ones. Men and women obtained the same priesthood without inequalities. They belonged to the same polycyclic superstructure and no institution, nor doctrine could stand an obstacle in their way. And they were aware about it, and that’s why their hymn obtained that profoundness. The world had the sky itself as a dome, it had no other ceiling. It didn’t have a need of any compromise by the society of oblivion. Everything constituted its mnemosyne due to intelligence. And the horizon was opening more and more in order to embrace the innocent before they became victims of a genocide which barbarism prepares for each time the Righteous can’t endure. Whereas he never Knelt, even amongst the dead, as that’s where he was born in order to show the light.