38461 - The background of the discontinuation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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It is easy for the discontinuation of Morocco’s diplomatic relations with Iran to be interpreted within the context of the international framework, but of the local one as well, as far as the spheres of influence of the Middle East are concerned. However it would be unwise to result to an explanation without taking into account the problematics of Western Sahara. Morocco had already interrupted its diplomatic relations between 2009 and 2014 in protest against religious activism within the interior of the kingdom and no one had spoken at an international context during that period. It’s for this reason that it’s important, on the one hand to acknowledge the fact that if Morocco came to this decision it is because it obtains irrefutable evidence, and on the other hand, that the Iran, Algeria and Polisario axis is indeed a fact, and it takes advantage of the connections with Hezbollah in Lebanon. This is more so a polytopic than an international context. Because the problem at bottom point is the supply of weapons to Polisario. Nothing more and nothing less. If one doesn’t hesitate to supply weapons, this is not due to their neutrality in this conflict, but on the contrary in order to cause its detonation and directly devastate the Kingdom of Morocco. The fact that this decision of diplomatic discontinuation concerns a complex system of geopolitical alliances is not false, but it’s not however the fountational point. This context allows it to act without cost, but the action has been dictated in order to respond to a devious action. Consequently, it would be wise to reconfigurate it in its entirety to the correct context in order to understand each one’s needs and the aims nevertheless.