38528 - The Constitution of Western Armenia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Two years after its investiture, the Constitution of Western Armenia now constitutes a real instrument which enhances Human Rights. Therefore, what was incomprehensible just a few years ago, it now changes reality as such. This is effectively indicative, that the will of a nation can overcome immeasurable difficulties in order to create a new notion in its history, preparing the future, and not merely so as to reinstate a previous reality. Consequently, the Constitution of Western Armenia, as it’s proper, is not based upon the subsequent genocide, but mainly upon the notion of Armenosyne. In this manner, it transcends a victomological vision in order to emphasize on the fact that the Armenian nation obtains a value as far as Humanity is concerned, regardless of the existence of the historical genocide. In this sense, it’s regarding a Constitution of an indigenous nation which asserts its very nature without fear, because it is itself taking part in the composition of the Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples, which was recognized by the United Nations in 2007. Therefore this Constitution, although recent, it already possesses a past full of history which constitutes an added value. Consequently this anniversary is indicative that there is a path we ought to traverse which leads to the liberation of a nation and its ancestral territory, via a legal approach on one hand, and a strategic one on the other, based upon the International Law.