38590 - Up in the clouds

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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– I’ve never said I am not ungrateful… Silence. Therefore, even if we have objectively managed to do everything we wanted to, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want something else as well! Time. Why shouldn’t there be something else? Don’t I deserve it? And if my way of thinking is wrong, then correct me… Now I’m not changing. Time. As a result, whatever happens, I always want something. Because even if Christ Himself did all I’ve ever wanted, ie, miracles… why shouln’t I ask for one more. Silence. I feel like I dwell upon a cloud of love, of an enormous love, from which I can get whatever I want. So why shouln’t I get it then? No, tell me… Why? Time. It gives me pleasure just to think that this enormous love can help others. But it ought to help me too. After all, everyone cares for their arse, so why shouln’t I take care of mine. Of course, in order to be honest… isn’t that what we’ve said? We din’t say it? It doesn’t matter, I’m saying it now! Since He tolerates it, shouln’t I say it? Here I’ve said it! So what? Did anything happened? No, absolutely nothing at all… Time. To continue on therefore… I want Him to look after my arse… E Yeah! Why should I alone care for it? And in that manner I wouldn’t even feel guilty. Because I had no remorse but guilt… as a matter of fact… So there. . I’ve said it. Well… what will you do for me? And don’t tell me everything you’ve allready done… They are not enough.