38687 - The Macedonian Rallies

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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If during this period there is a genuine expression of the Greek nation, then that certainly doesn’t concern any negotiations in regards to the Skopian issue, since there is no will for a representation on the part of the political partisanship, due to an ideology of retarded politicians, but on the contrary the popular Rallies. Because we see that as the negotiations are supposedly moving ahead, there is more and more divergence in relation to the will and the beliefs of Hellenism. The only ones who truly respect the history of Hellenism are those who struggle along at the Rallies. Which in fact is the Greek nation itself, regardless of political parties, classes, and or social levels. They all together follow, with all due respect, the history of those people, the ancestors, who fought and were sacrificed for us, just so that we may live in freedom. Consequently, the Macedonian Rallies which will take place on June the 6th 2018, constitute the continuation of a struggle of the Greek nation and follow on the values of Hellenism. No politician has the permission to sell or sell-off the issue of Macedonia. We’ve endured the lie of the so-called pressures upon us in the past as well, and we’ve moved beyond it, then as well. We are not about to accept ideological solutions of a retarded past which will stigmatize our future. We will not fall victims of a political trap, and it’s not the elections that concern us, but the national struggle for the protection the name of Macedonia.
This is the sole aim of the Macedonian Rallies.