38690 - The continuation of the Macedonian battle

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As the Skopian issue evolves, that much more important is this second Macedonian battle towards the protection of the name of Macedonia. The New York negotiations have yet again reached their limits, as in actual fact Skopje aim to achieve even more than the compound name with the usage of the term Macedonia. Therefore, it’s not enough for them that Greece’s diplomacy is ready to hand over the essence of the matter. They don’t want to alter their constitution and to remove its irredentist elements. In fact they don’t want the erga omnes either, because at the interior there’s fear that its affect on the voters will result to the goverment lossing the elections. Consequently this point has also is being questioned. In actual fact this is indicative that even the compound name, which is unacceptable for Hellenism, is not capable of altering the intransigence of the Skopians. Therefore we’re rightly wondering, why we ought to get into this process of such a great compromise. We haven’t had any pressures from NATO, nor from the European Union, and we are wasting our diplomatic time on a matter of no substance. It could of course be, that for those who believe in a retarded ideology, the entire issue constitutes a vengeance, but that leaves us indifferent to say the least. The substance therefore is, the continuation of the battle of the Greek nation in order for the name of Macedonia not to be surrendered to the barbarity of oblivion.