38707 - Not even a step back

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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How dismissive is it, to count upon the Skopian opposition in order for a solution involving the usage of the name Macedonia to come across as unacceptable?
It seems nevertheless, that this would be the argument which will be used, so as to prevent the incompetence of a diplomacy which can’t handle such a simple matter of values become obvious.
Because even the statements of the Foreign Minister hold no other meaning than to skillfully indicate that he isn’t to blame for this fruitless effort.
Ever since the beginning, the Foreign Ministry wants to present its management as an achievement or even a feat, whereas all we see in actual fact, is merely movements of propaganda which follow a retarded ideology.
That also explains why there is a convenience on the part of Megaron Maximou to indirectly expose the Ministry with statements which keep the opposition’s critical reactions at a distance.
Consequently, everyone is trying to conceal their mistakes with the mistakes of others.
And the entire matter remains a communicative issue without substance.
It is therefore important to hold on firmly to our positions and to continue the struggle for the name of Macedonia, because there is no reason whatsoever for us to get on our knees.
Even the enemies of Macedonia, ie, the serviles, are not exactly aware of what they want, because they can’t bear the political cost without losing everything.
Consequently, our determination will make the difference for Hellenism.