38746 - The Skopian issue and the United Nations

N. Lygeros
Translated from Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Whatever may be said by those who speak about Skopje’s recognitions so far, they shouldn’t forget that the only institution authorized to recognize a State, is the United Nations, and if the UN make a decision, in order for the resolution to pass through it must firstly accept it, and then in turn present it to the Security Council, and that takes place at a political level.
If we now think that the UK, the USA, China and Russia have recognized Skopje as Macedonia, whereas France hasn’t done so, and yet again for so many years this hasn’t changed anything at all.
Additionally, the USA clarified that Skopje ought to firstly find a solution that is acceptable to Greece.
As a result, there is an indirect alliance context, upon which there isn’t a need to rely in a dominant manner, but likewise, there is no reason for us not to continue our battle.
Because if we ourselves accept an unacceptable solution, which doesn’t respect our history as such, then we shouldn’t be surprised if suddenly the United Nations make a general recognition.
Whereas at this point, the European Union, NATO, UNESCO, the World Bank, the Council of Europe, just as the United Nations, exclusively use the name FYROM, and nothing else.
We obtain legal support for our strategy, so let us take advantage of it.