38775 - We are not in need of any statements regarding the EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from Greek by Athina Kehagias

As slowly some politicians are getting prepared for elections in a direct or indirect manner, we ought to remind them that we are not in need of any statements regarding the Greek EEZ.
We hear them for so many years and we are aware of all the procedures.
Consequently, if they want to make some statements which are straightforward and not merely superficial and meaningless, then they can talk about the proclamation or demarcations and nothing else.
Because we already have marine blocks at a point of contact of the middle line even in the case with Libya.
The substance of the matter is the utilization of the vision at a multiple level, in order to rationally move on to the stage of exploitation of our EEZ.
The Greek EEZ hasn’t a need for such politicians, both from the government and the opposition.
They ought to finally vote for the articles we are in need for, and stop those statements which change nothing at all.
At this point of time, the Greek nation knows more about the Greek EEZ than many politicians who still haven’t understood its value after so many years.
They have nothing new to learn from them anymore.
The Greek EEZ is mature and overly ready, and that should be made known even to politicians without knowledge.