38809 - When the Skopian issue begins to crumble

N. Lygeros
Translated from Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As assumingly high as the diplomacy of the Foreign Ministry might have been, it failed to predict the collapse of the Skopian issue due to the disunity within Skopje.
As ideologists as the first are, equivalently opportunists are the second.
Eventhough everyone says that they are struggling for this national issue, the sad truth is slowly emerging, as say the experts, ie, that everyone takes care merely of their political interest for the future, without giving any attention to history.
As a result, even the retarded ideology of some failed to help them see how much more retarded the others were .
We have therefore radicals who play with persons who have radical hatred, and they nevertheless assume that they’ll overcome the obstacles.
They have presumingly forgotten the red hatred which can’t be surpassed even ideologically
Because regardless as to whether or not they all move supposedly, in the same factional context, they didn’t contemplate the hatred of some which is dated back to the 1945-1948 epoch.
Because people who remained in the same areas, even in the same political party, were divided due to hatred against Greece, a fact which meant they didn’t believe in the principles of their ideology.
They lived within a radical misery which in the best of cases reached the social class level .
They couldn’t even break off the roots of evil and so, after so many decades they remained at the same level.
The backwards defeated the retarded within the same ideology.
Just as well Greece never believed in it, otherwise she would’ve died.