38859 - The Skopian issue and propaganda

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Eventhough there’s no written agreement and consequently any official article, the political partisanhip propaganda tries to convince us that it is all about a success.
We in actual fact are in the field of superficiality.
In Greece the two political parties which form the government don’t agree, the opposition disagrees with the entire issue, and in Skopje there is a disagreement between President and Prime Minister, so for what common acceptance we are talking about.
Who could allege that the entire issue and its resolution are agreed upon by the two nations?
How many Rallies are required in order for the will of the Greek nation and Hellenism in general to become obvious?
This communicative propaganda has reached the limits of the absurd.
It ought to come across that there is a successful agreement in existence, whereas practically all that has nothing to do with the solving of a national issue.
Their aim and purpose is purely petty political.
However there are many governments, as opposed to Macedonia which is only one. and so there shouldn’t be a historical error made which is irreversible further on.
Hellenism wouldn’t hand over Macedonia without a fight.
The political regime counts upon the inertia of the nation. However they are wrong, because the Greek nation is pro resistance.
The political parties which will not take into account the will of the nation will soon face problems as strong as they may be, because the political cost is enormous when the nation disagrees with them.