38868 - Observations and comments in regards to the Agreement

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The detailed examination of the 20 Articles of the Agreement explains why we were made to wait for this text for so many months now.
Indeed this text is full of traps which don’t merely regard the name issue.
There are dangerous references as to the name, the nationality, the language all of which make an extreme usage of the Macedonian element in all its forms.
And the specification of our Macedonia as the northern region of the First Party is also indicative of that.
Amongst all the data leaked in this semester, there has never been a reference regarding the usage of the Aegean Sea by Skopje, nor about the energean issues related to hydrocarbons, and especially the oil and natural gas pipelines.
All this time, the associated propaganda refferred to surpassed obstacles, but never to such strange compromises.
Additionally, this Agreement appears more like a roadmap, because in actual fact, in order for it to be functional, dramatic changes need to occur to the Constitution of Skopje, without such being certain due to the reactions which already exist.
And the spirit which emerges from this Agreement is that there has been a conscious effort made to bring to ground all Greek positions, and that, with commitments toward the support of Skopje’s candidacy and integration into the European Union, in a manner which is not in line with the European acquis, and it reminds us of the Annan Plan’s commitments for Cyprus. Additionally, a similar procedure is required in regards to Skopje’s path towards its accession to NATO.