39009 - The power of the Greek nation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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At the gathering next to the White Tower it was obvious even from the town square that there would be intensity, and this was confirmed along the way. Initially we thought that not many people would come because there was the spread of the rumour that all these where organized from the far right. Finally, what we saw was completely different, and it was of course the depiction of the Greek nation that resists and fights an establishment that’s promoting acts of barbarism. The entire march was indicative of an example of resistance throughout Thessaloniki, and slowly there were people who were not initially with us joining in, in order to be part of this march as well, seeing that it was the nation who resisted and nobody else. There was no political party supporting anything at all, everything was spontaneous resulting from the Greek nation with the organization which characterizes it and the effectiveness of its people. We saw elderly people, young, very young, men, women of all ages, all with flags, and mottos which showed evidence that the morale was high, because now everyone has begun to read the articles and they’ve understood that this agreement should not be validated.