39035 - The new Rally in Thessaloniki

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The new Rally in Thessaloniki, which by the way is the third which takes place in this city, is indicative in a tangible manner that the Greek nation isn’t fighting alone any more, since the official organizations become aligned with it and straightforwardly at that, in order to take part in a common struggle for the name of Macedonia. Many assumed that the officials would’t dare to resist toward the actions of the Foreign Ministry, however now they ought to admit that the battle has spread in that direction as well, because the Macedonian official bodies and politicians of all levels can’t remain inactive, whilst the interests of Macedonia are threatened at all levels. Because the name issue constitutes merely the beginning and it will have an impact on many fields and many sectors. It may so be that some who are situated far from the border with Skopje have already forgotten that the northern region of the first part is called Macedonia, but that’s not applicable to the Macedonians. Consequently, we will find ourselves all together in the new Rally in Thessaloniki united in order to send a message across, not only internally but also abroad so that everyone knows that those who reside in Macedonia haven’t forgotten a thing about the struggle of the Macedonian heroes for its liberation. Additionally, the Macedonians are not merely residents of a region, as each of them carries a history which can not be erased by an ideology of barbarism.