39037 - ENI’s new discovery

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

ENI’s new discovery on the Noor marine block of the EEZ of Egypt near the boundaries of the EEZ of Cyprus, comes to firstly confirm Elias Konofagos’ and Antonis Foskolos’ references, and secondly to enhance all the geoeconomic effort which exists in regards to the East Med natural gas pipeline. The discovery of a new reserve, which may be triple of the Zohr one, which is already hypergigantic, confirms the enhancement of Egypt as an ally of Greece and Cyprus. With these new quantities of natural gas within the Eastern Mediterranean, as skeptical as some may have been, it will be difficult for them to remain in their positions.
The sequence of, Tamar in 2009, Leviathan in 2010, Aphrodite in 2011, Zohr in 2015, Calypso in 2018 plus the new reserve are sufficient to prove the energean value of the Eastern Mediterranean. In this manner, the triple alliance of Egypt, Cyprus and Greece is even stronger, and this also in turn enhances the interconnection with Europe. Consequently, ENI’s work on the part of Italy, doesn’t only have a commercial value due to the natural gas, but it also obtains a geopolitical dimension which allows us to go a step further in the field of our strategic visions, both on the part of Greece but on the Cypriot side as well. In this context, the triple alliance with the implementation of the triple point of contact, as well as the three demarcations between the three States, obtain a further significance. With the new data, we fortify our strategic positions even more, and our prospects grow even further. ENI indicates the example to both Total and Exxon Mobil in a tangible way.