39038 - The Foreign Minister of propaganda

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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If there are still some at this point of time who aren’t aware that the Foreign Minister knows only about propaganda, his every new statement brings concern to the Foreign Ministry itself, which ought to safeguard our national interests and to explain how great the ideological gap is. The Foreign Minister dwells within a purely ideological context of a past era, and is unable to cope with national realities. His intellectuality has reached its limits and can’t overcome his quasi politician obsessions. He finds it difficult to speak upon the merits of the case and his statements are always focused on the political level. In other words, he continues to talk as a political party representative rather than an actual Foreign Minister. However, slowly they are all placing him where he belongs and we all observe the sad reality he has created with his opportunism and his manner of indictiveness. It belongs to a category of people who can no longer evolve because they exclusively believe in an ideology of barbarism, which knows merely how to produce genocides. He tries in every manner to come across as a victim in a confrontation with the nation, and as a result he degenerates in to more of a skopian, than the Skopians themselves. His stilted language hasn’t changed at all, and unfortunately it reminds us of Soviet eras. This is the problem with the nostalgists of communism, they are trying as soon as they get onto the ruling power, to implement outdated ideas which Humanity itself has condemned. Consequently, in order to save an unacceptable agreement, he continues to use techniques which have become obsolete because they were retarded.