39045 - The dignity of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The dignity of Greece is no longer characterized by the acts and the words of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs because they only represent the interests of their party and nothing else. In consequence, whatever may be happening with the external affairs, we must examine it carefully because with all they are doing, we are always in the framework of compromise. Communism explains to us that the notion of Nation does not exit and compromising seems to constitute the tool for the achievement of ideological targets which undermine the dignity of Greece. So it is best that we work with the will of the greek people, who continue to fight for the name of Macedonia with all their strengths. Greece and the European Union function catalytically for dealing with the Skopjean issue. So the new results are very positive developments since now without giving the green light, we speak only of the date and nothing else before June 2019, namely after the Euro elections. This liberates even more the capability of Greece to express herself without shackles. Skopje are troubled so much on a Presidential level as on the level of the Prime Minister and this has to be exploited for the future of Greece.