39046 - There is no victory without resistance

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The only way to overcome the obstructions of the compromising solutions is to understand that they are clearly about ideological approaches that are of no relevance to our national interests neither of course to the European acquis. The justifications the Foreign Minister uses with the european data as pretext, no longer work and they don’t convince the greek people. Because we have all understood now the devious tactics with regards to these subjects. No one in the European Union asks of us to compromise with Skopje, neither with Albania nor with Turkey. It is only the will of the Foreign Minister which appears in his statements. And if these insult Greece, there must be an effective resistance on our behalf, so that we achieve our goals, overcoming the obstructions that this retarded ideology. In the European Union, everyone believes in the Nations as to the United Nations. Only the ideology of barbarity wants to annihilate them and place a system similar to the soviet one and to impose the irrational laws which forbid the rights of humans, their history, only because they pay attention to Time. The ideology of nihilism operates as a Timecider since it wants to kill history even now because it realized that it didn’t die. But our resistance will not allow it.