39253 - History, Strategy and the issue of Skopje

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The Soviet Union for the Yugoslavian Union was always the Big Brother in all its meaning even if this has controversial elements between Stalin and Tito from one point on. So the collapse of the first gave a final strike to the second but without this meaning that some individuals changed in essence. So it is inevitable after decades, for there to be a substrate which sees this ideology very positively. When this itself became friendly also to Greece because of the new authority there was a catalysis since compatibility was absolute, besides the notion of the states, besides they weren’t already relevant to the notion of Nations. This ideological framework was the substrate of the so called Agreement. So it doesn’t concern a confrontation between the peoples and especially Nations but mostly of a controversial battle between Hellenism and the ideology of barbarity, with its element of stalinism. So we know that those who signed the Pre-agreement will support it until the end because anything they get from it will be positive for their ideology. While Hellenism if they don’t put up an effective and strategic defense, it will lose many points. So the essence is to not step back, not even one step to this barbarity, otherwise the consequences will be tragic for the continuity and the future of Greece within the Balkans.