39258 - We will fight until victory

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Sianne Athanasia Tsandidis

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Those who wonder whether a struggle is really worthwhile must realise that its value actually comes from our very own struggle in order for the goal or even the vision to be achieved. This is what occurred when we fought for the Annan Plan, the Greek EEZ, the Greek zeolite, and now, for the Skopje issue, without ever forgetting the struggles for the recognition of the Genocides and of course for the Rights of Humanity. In light of all this, the Skopje issue can now be seen as one of the more manageable problems. However, we must not forget that this issue is underpinned by a barbaric ideology which is nostalgic of Stalinism.
Consequently, it is not the Skopian people who are our true enemy, as they are merely exploiting the decades-old system which prevailed in this country, no, for Hellenism, the fundamental enemy is a form of post-modern Stalinism which considers that, the powers-that-be, can do anything, even trample over their own people, regardless of whether a large percentage of them have actually elected them. However, everyone knows how rotten the foundations of this ideology are, and how catastrophic it is for Humanity, wherever it has appeared on this planet. The innocence of some, on a political level, has been transformed by others, into an instrument of manipulation. As such, without resistance, even the innocents are transformed into collaborators of barbarism. That is why there is no room for compromise. Light must prevail at any cost.