39280 - Russia is not Skopje

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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If the Foreign Minister believes that Russia is a country like Skopje, and that he could handle it just as he did with FYROM, then he makes a horrific mistake.
Russia is playing at a different diplomatic level and is not dealing with such low levels.
Russia’s diplomacy has nothing to be taught from the Greek one, so let’s not be narrow-minded therefore.
He can’t save face the Skopian issue with such stunts, nor by huge lies which have no reason of existence.
If Russia wanted to influence the Skopian issue, then she wouldn’t have recognized FYROM with its constitutional name, and if she wanted to change her opinion about it, it would’ve been very easy and direct for her to do so.
There wouldn’t have been a need to assumingly influence the city of Alexandroupolis.
And the ridiculous of the matter is that the Mayor had said that he doesn’t believe that the problems should be resolved with Rallies, except of those which are concerning the issue of gold.
The Foreign Minister should’ve however said that they are affecting Macedonia and more specifically Thessaloniki.
At least there, we would’ve said something.
However, from what we know, the greatest help we’ve had in regards to the organization of the big Rallies derived from Greek-Americans, and we didn’t see any Greek-Russians because the game was away from the home field for them.