39331 - The blaze of tragedy

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

We are all accustomed to hearing about conflagrations in Greece ever since we exist.
We all know what happens when we hear that thousands of acres were burned down.
We all have in mind the slogan that the forest gives life.
Now however we are talking about living people who died, who were burned.
It’s not regarding isolated areas, but Athens itself, and in this case there is no excuse either in regards to the number of victims, nor about the ineffectiveness of the ruling power to adequately activate the appropriate infrastructure for the confrontation of the tragic situation.
The conflagration itself, even though it’s catastrophic, is not tragic by nature.
Tragedy derives from the lack of necessary measures in order to confront a fire.
The dead who fell victims of this fire will no longer accept the excuses of the ruling power.
The incompetence is unfortunately obvious in this field as well when you are unable to coordinate forces which are in fact effective.
Because when you can’t comprehend crises, and you think everything is negotiable without taking the exceptional into account, then you fall into the trap of misinformation.
Propaganda doesn’t put out fires.
We are no longer talking about the frustration of the Greek nation, but about the tragedy which it has suffered.
A group of people who is unaware about crisis management, becomes obvious by the dead it leaves under ground.