39369 - Court of Justice of the European Union and the non representativeness of the Polisario II

N. Lygeros
Translated from the French by Vicky Baklessi

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It is difficult to imagine that the Polisario has been informed from its long-standing support that there are legal consequences when an application is made to the courts. When it concerns of the Court, it is prudent to be informed before engaging in a procedure, above all if it is for the benefit of another State. Only that the Polisario has engaged in a legal battle without taking into account the possible consequences of a rejection from the Court’s part. Incapable of acting directly over the Provinces of the South, the Polisario has decided to interfere with projects in order to be a speaker. Only that, the Court has rejected the complaint of the Polisario by relying precisely on its non representativeness. The Polisario has undergone a judicial failure but this has strategic repercussions. In fact, after this defeat, it is clear that it cannot pretend representing the rights of the population of Sahara. It’s not only out of play within the Agreement between the European Union and Morocco but also on the strategic field. The Polisario now plays a role of a marionette of an invisible State and not that of a structure pretending a state recognition on behalf of States at an international scale. Because after this rejection, the States that could assist the Polisario in its obsession wouldn’t risk to engage themselves because they realized already the strategic risk for their own foreign politics. With this failure, the Polisario have put doubt in the thought of those that have had the interest of supporting it because it is no longer trustworthy. But only human dignity is important in this combat which concerns directly the Rights of Humanity.