39386 - The dead will take revenge as well

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As much as they wanted to hide the dead from the beginning of this catastrophe which inevitably was transformed into a tragedy, they couldn’t change a thing. This government whether they want to or not, are going to admit that they are responsible for the deadliest conflagration of Greece. And that’s due to the fact that they paid no attention to the first dead. They didn’t however take into consideration, that Hellenism gives value to every life, and never abandons its dead. Consequently the resignations which have taken place already, which are taking place at this point, and will occur at a low level of responsibility, will not change the determination of the Greek nation to subvert these facts. And as many excuses as they have found in order to conceal their arbitrary decisions, whoever is responsible for this crime will suffer the cost, because nothing will pass through painlessly anymore. And those of them who wanted to go on vacation they should understand that it will probably be their last one, since it will be their final time off. The Greek nation was already fed up with the absurd moves of the ruling power which lead to nowhere, was already irritated by the initiatives taken in order to give the name Macedonia to Skopje, and now it’s appalled by its rulers who couldn’t stand at the level that circumstances called for,and can’t respect the victims, ie, the innocent dead and the survivors who’ve lost their life and their lives respectively.