39387 - The Experiential notion of the missing people

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Due to the incompetence and the criminal irrelevance of the government, many Greeks have experientially learned the notion of the missing people, for instance of this situation, where no one knows anything about a human life, and that as a result remains an intermediary between life and death, without anyone being able to decide for the future. In this sense, the hope of rescue is also created. Some Helladites could understand better now, the mothers of the missing people who have been waiting for so many decades in order to learn about their children. Attica’s fires have reawakened memories of the past, because everyone remembers the Napalm bombs if they managed to survive them. And this barbarism becomes more understandable to those who saw the tragic fires of Attica live. Others comprehended deeper still, when Smyrna was burned down, and no one would now dare describe the events which took place in the burning beaches with the word overcrowding. So if one wants to pin point the positives of this government, is that by provoking the Greek nation, they are forcing it to fight in order to prove that the genocide of the Greeks of Pontos is an actual genocide, that the granting of the name Macedonia is unacceptable, and that unawareness regarding the missing people is barbaric.