39439 - The numbers of the dead in Mati can not be reduced

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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As much as the state administration tries to cater for the government’s demands, the dead in Mati can not be reduced.
There is of course an effort also made in regards to the numbers of the missing persons, but in vain.
We’re all aware that these are movements which hide in the most amateur manner straightforward data .
In any case, the issue ought to clear up, because there are already initiatives towards the building of a memorial for the conflagration victims and the victims names would be applied upon it, in the most formal manner.
Consequently, this list shouldn’t change according to the government’s communicative will, in order to cover up terrible mistakes at a crisis management level.
There seems to be an entire propaganda which is created in order to rebut the attacks the leadership is receiving by everyone at both the public and the political levels.
Its attempt to put the blame on the security forces, the fire brigade in particular, but the hospitals as well, was to no avail.
Because those who attempted it, forgot that everything is recorded, everything is photographed and listed.
Consequently it is difficult to persuade the Greek nation with accusations since there is evidential elements which debunk these efforts.
Therefore again, right after the avoidance of problems and responsibilities, the state mechanism loses against the resistance of the dead, and can no longer support the words of the governmental leadership.