39510 - The new Cypriot-Egyptian agreement regarding the natural gas pipeline

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The new agreement between Cyprus and Egypt regarding the natural gas pipeline, which carries the European Union’s necessary stamp of approval, is the implementation of the intermediate path towards the exploitation of the mineral wealth.
It constitutes a new success which enhances the alliance context with Egypt, but also the triple point of contact issue, where Greece is also involved, at both geopolitical and geo-economic levels, since it will also have an impact upon the East Med pipeline which is of strategic importance.
The other important element is that it regards a transnational agreement that goes beyond European Union issues.
Therefore it constitutes an effective response to Turkey’s provocative statements.
It’s indicative in practical terms that Egypt functions catalytically in regards to this relationship, and that the two countries now obtain mutual interests, a factor which is very important at a geostrategic level.
With this agreement, Cyprus acquires an energean ally which has a European orientation, both politically and technologically.
Consequently, Cyprus’ position is becoming upgraded and the island can now see differently the Eastern Mediterranean and its interconnection with the European Union.