39543 - From Backgammon to the Cards

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

When you’re dealing with persons who can’t comprehend how Chess and Go function, then they continue to throw dice just in case a door opens up, but most probably the boxcars are over and done with, and the government is trying to move on to a game of cards, by betting on Aces, even though it found it all Clubs. This is the procedure within which the future cabinet reshuffle is situated, which as things go, it will most probably occur as a finale. The ruling power still assumes that after the Skopian issue, and the conflagrations, it’s enough to merely change some names around, in order to change the context of conflict within which it has sank. They haven’t understood yet that the Greek nation doesn’t want this ruling power any more, as many names as they may change around. The Greek nation doesn’t play poker any more. They have already seen what happened in previous cases. Consequently, even this communicative trick will not be enough to change the data, but that’s normal because when you place hope as the State’s ruling power vision, in the end you end up believing in miracles … Those who were swearing against the will of the Greek nation regarding the name of Macedonia, and those who are swearing at our dead, solely for their own justification, will not find their positions again. The card which will be played is a burned one, and everyone is aware of it.