39544 - The Prime Minister’s of Skopje ten points of reference

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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In yet another attempt of concealment of the change in Skopje’s name, the Prime Minister highlights the points he has achieved with this pre-agreement .
He has to save his political career and in order to ensure his political future he is ready for everything.
So let’s see those 10 points.

1. He explains that it is historically the best and just opportunity for the citizens of Macedonia.
At this point of time, there isn’t another which could form the context of comparison, he speaks about an opportunity as if it were the last one, even though there will be others afterwards, he speaks about justice whereas the history is being encroached upon, and of course he refers to the citizens of Macedonia and not of those of Northern Macedonia, as it should’ve been.

2. The Macedonian identity is an objective success and it is correctly referred to in Article 7 which by the way is one of the most controversial for us.

3. The Macedonian language also constitutes an objective success, although it can’t stand linguistically.

4. He insists upon Macedonian citizenship for those who haven’t understood how important it is for a State which was never a state nor a nation.

5. He talks about the symbols of the State and especially about the anthem, which is irredentist of course, but nothing about the Constitution.

6. The country code remains MK and MKD, which is of course a success, whereas there was supposedly a name change . Of course there’s no reference to car number plates …

7. The invitation to NATO is made under the name FYROM neither with Macedonia nor with Northern Macedonia.
He prematurely announces that Skopje will be the 30th NATO member, whereas there’s nothing that could be taken for granted without the finalization of the pre-agreement.

8. With the pre-agreement, Skopje surpasses the 2009 obstacle, where the European Union set the pre-requisite of the name in order for the accession course to begin with its 35 chapters. He doesn’t talk about the fact that he merely got a date for a date and nothing more.

9. The context regarding the cooperation between Greece and Skopje speaks about arts, travel, crossing points, crime and terrorism prevention .Nothing about the EEZ and the energean issues, but it makes sense because he never asked for it ..

10. He correctly speaks about abolishment of the name FYROM, as it will not be erga omnes applicable, and the name will be translated into all languages.
He is obliged to place Republic of Northern Macedonia in the right but nevertheless discreet point.
This Skopian decalogue constitutes an indictment for the Greek leadership, but that doesn’t interest him in the least, the Prime Minister of Skopje wants to be saved even propagandistically.