39757 - Yet another blow for Thrace

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The fact that the mufti is not merely an expounder of the Quran for the Sunnis, but also simultaneously responsible for justice, culture, society, doesn’t seem to be a known factor to the Greek institutions, because in actual fact they’ve allowed Turkey to obtain a more profound access to the free part of Thrace. The question however is this: how could some people who believe that religion is the opium of the people, result in such actions in favour of the Muslim element in Thrace, which in fact constitutes a geopolitical instrument for the Turkish ruling power. As if It’s not enough that they degrade the Christian tradition in any way, as well as all the Works of Christ, they also ought to show submission to another system which doesn’t tolerate the freedom of Hellenism. It’s not understandable that as they sacrifice Skopje because of Stalinism, and Thrace due to submissiveness, they cause enormous cost to our homeland. But how else could it be, when these people don’t even believe in the notion of Nation. Allowing Turkey formally to appoint within Greece, someone who will dogmatize upon so many different issues, it sociologically constitutes land relinquishment and nothing else. We all know what Sharia is all about, and what the role of the fatwas is, except of course from those who’ve never studied religion nor history, since for them the first is a poison and the second is dead.