39878 - NATO prerequisites for Skopje

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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For all those who believed that the issue has come to an end with regard to the accession of Skopje in NATO, the demands of the Secretary-General are quite clear, and negate everything which has been said for months now. NATO doesn’t consider the accession to be a foregone conclusion and that’s why it wants the adoption and the implementation of all the internal procedures in regards to resolving the naming dispute between Greece and Skopje. The problem of the name will not be solved retrospectively but prior to the completion of the entire process. So for that reason the new Macedonian fighters ought to continue the struggle up until the end, because without the acceptance of Greece, absolutely nothing can take place, as quite simply NATO doesn’t want to encroach upon Greece, especially now. Consequently, let’s leave aside all the governmental propaganda which presented the pre-agreement as something granted, and one that had to reach an end at all costs, whereas, there is nothing which forces us to succumb, especially now that it has been proved that there is no NATO pressure whatsoever.