40053 - Neither rightists nor leftists, but Greeks

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Those who try to divide the Greek nation with slogans of the right and left wings, not only don’t help the struggle for Macedonia but in actual fact they undermine it in their own way.
In regards to the name of Macedonia, we ought to be united, because it’s the only thing which counts abroad.
Because there, nobody is wondering what the rightists or the leftists want, but on the contrary, what the Greek nation wants, because that alone represents Greece and Hellenism.
In Thessaloniki Greeks will be found, who don’t forget the past, because they are protecting the future.
Political parties have their own meaning within Greece because we are in a context of democracy, but they ought to be united when the matter is a national one, and it concerns all of Hellenism.
We can’t allow that pre-agreement to go ahead, since it constitutes an act of barbarism, a crime of peace against history.
We can’t forget the past and create an artificial future based solely upon an ideology, especially when it failed to adapt and it continues to say things which each time they’ve been applied in a region of the world, we had crimes against Humanity and genocides.