40056 - Genocide and the Rectification Process

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The genocidors are with the impression that after the crime against Humanity which they’ve committed, there will be no evidential elements for them to be blamed or condemned by.
However reality is different and reality shows that genocidors are unable to pass through all of Stanton’s stages, and that finally after the genocide, there is always the beginning of the rectification process, which begins with the recognition and criminalization of the refusal, to finally reach the reparation stage, through substance and treatment.
We ought to have in mind a musical instrument which most have forgotten, and then comes a composer who writes a new piece for it, and the listener firstly hears the sound of the score and only then is that he realizes what is the spirit of the sound he had forgotten even though he knew other instruments which were by it.
It’s only then that he realizes that one genocide could be hidden behind other ones.
Consequently the fighters of Humanity shouldn’t fall into the trap of coverture, and they ought to deal with every genocide regardless. Just as the orchestra conductor does with each instrument he is responsible for.