40087 - The EEZ of Macedonia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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If some are unable to realize how important a factor the EEZ is for Macedonia, then they ought to call it locally, EEZ of Macedonia and wonder afterwards why the Article 13 exists, which is based upon Article 18, within the pre-agreement which was signed by Foreign Minister with Skopje, and why do we give access to it regarding fishing issues, whereas the same hasn’t occurred between Albania and Skopje, nor between Bulgaria and Skopje, even though there are similar minorities in Skopje. Why does the government want to sell out the EEZ of Macedonia even though the Greek EEZ has not even been as yet established. Why is there such a persistence at the political level? And as we haven’t as yet begun to utilize the Greek EEZ, why do we want to give rights to Skopje prior to such time. Consequently, when we talk about the rights of Macedonia we ought to not forget its EEZ as well. In this manner, we can comprehend that Skopje is not even comparable with Macedonia, let alone with the entire Greece. The systematic degradation of Macedonia belongs to the politics of demolition which are within the Stalinist approach, because it doesn’t pay importance to history and to the Nations, but it merely has consideration for the geography and the inhabitant, which of course it can move around without asking for any permission from anybody. With the pre-agreement, Macedonia will not merely lose commercial rights but substantial ones as well. Our resistance is not only about the area but also regarding the future of the entire northern region of Greece, therefore, let us not forget no parameter whatsoever in this national struggle.